Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 4 Reflection-1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade

I learned about the water cycle, I learned about people inside the bodys. I learned to pay atintive in dod ball - too look before you hit a ball at someone you could hit someone on the head. My favorit I saw my favorit caneller. It was Olivia. I got to see my friend erin. When Duane says wow I keep telling him to STOP saying that!

I learned that hawk likes chickens. My favorit thing was planting corn. My favorite thing is playing dodgeball.

I learned about a food chain. My favorate part of the day was playing dode ball. My favort thing to do at camp is dodge ball.

I lereand about oxygen and my favort thing was the chickens.

My faveret thing to play outside is dogeball!

My favort I learn is plants.

I like when redd a book I learn about oxygen.

I like dodgeball.

Today I learned about oxgen, My favorite part was when we play dodge ball.

I lerned you breath oxegen and breath out carbon dioide.

I like to play with Jack and my favorite part of camp of camp is learne.

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