Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 2 -1st, 2nd, and 3rd Graders

Today FHC got to host a new group of campers! The third graders! Because of this change we started the day off again with a few brief name games! Soon after we moved into plant science with our director, Aster. She went over the importance of the pollinators (a group of insects who move pollen from flower to flower) and how they move the pollen! She briefly went over the two main types of pollinators bees and butterflies! Immediately after, the kids got to go on a butterfly scavenger hunt! The campers went around the garden looking for different types of butterflies. While in the garden the kids also had a chance to water many of the plants as well as pick a few cucumbers, squash and tomatoes!

We then all went outside for SPARK! We played capture the flag dodge ball which really had to kids thinking about strategies, and also built endurance and hand eye coordination.

After SPARK we had lunch! Everyone had a turkey sandwich with chips and a salad!

Nurse Kathy then went over the importance of good food choices! To show all of the delicious food that is also healthy, Nurse Kathy read the Two-Bite Club. While Nurse Kathy was reading, the campers had to try two bites of every food that was mentioned in the book! At the end of the book every single camper received a certificate saying they competed the Two-Bite Challenge!

Once we finished the book we got to visit our orchard where the campers got to pick mulberries and raspberries!

When we came back to the Center, we ended with a brief period for reflection.

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