Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Second Day- Pre K- K

It was another super busy day today! We started to the day off with plant science with Aster! She showed multiple videos about the importance of plants, the parts of the plants, and what a plant needs. The kids really seemed to enjoy the videos, especially the one that had a sing-a-long at the end!

Due to the large amount of energy present in the campers, we decided to go play dodge ball outside! We really enjoyed the lower temperatures and played dodge ball for a long time!

When we came in we had popcorn that Nakiea made! It was very delicious!

After snack we colored a food pyramid! We also drew pictures of nature and plants.

We then went over the food pyramid with Jack and Olivia! They explained the different food groups and played a game testing their knowledge of the food groups.

We then went outside and played games of freeze tag and duck duck goose!

The day ended with story time! The kids listened to Make Way for Ducklings and Plantzilla!

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