Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade Reflection Day 2

My favorite thing was flag ball and apple orchard. All worst thing was nothing.

My favorite part of the day was dodge ball.

Favorite part was the apple tree and eating.

My faivert part of the day is when we go to pick the appel and bluebarre. When we played with the boll.

My favorite part of the day is when we picked apple green apples red mixed in colors. Myh other favorite part was the scalbenger hunt.

My favorite part of the day is eating lunch, riding on the counslors backs.

Today we went to the orchard and I liked it. I liked the apples. We picked up trash when we were walking.

Today we was looking at plants and watering them and we was finding some clues about butterflys. Did you know that adults butterfly have 6 legs?

Today we was gowing to the grden.

My favorite activity is going to pick apples.

My favorite activity was going to the apple orcher picking apples, rasbererys and grapes.

My favorite thing that was on today is picking apples and it was fun.

My favorite part of the day is was walking.

My favorite thing today is the orchard.

Today we picked apples we had fun. My favorite part was playing, coloring, and making a book. I didn't have a least favorite part.

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