Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 1- 5th and 6th Graders

Today we welcomed the 5th and 6th graders to the Center! We started the day with a couple of name games! Soon after the name games the campers got to harvest squash, zucchini, Swiss chard, tomatoes, and collared greens in the garden! 

We soon came inside, the kids then got to help Jenna and Nakiea in the kitchen! Due to the small amount of campers this week the girls were able cut vegetables and learn how to make a sauté! They seemed to really enjoy helping out in the kitchen! 

Then the engineers from Major Tool & Machine came and introduced 3D printing! After a PowerPoint showing all the cool things you can make with the printer, the girls got to design their own rockets! 

After engineering we had a delicious lunch of pasta with meat sauce, garlic bread and the vegetable sauté that the girls helped make! 

Then we all made fruit kabobs! The kids got to pick what fruit they wanted and make patterns with the fruit! Right after Jenna went over the new My Plate! 

Jeff from Purdue Extension then went over insects and bugs! He talked about the importance of each body part and what a body part does. He also talked about how bugs travel, and how they get their food! They ended with a bug scavenger where they got to use magnifying glasses and bug jars to get a close up of all the bugs caught! 

We ended with a delicious snack of fruit kabobs and strawberry shortcake and a small reflection period!

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