Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 1 Reflection 4th, 5th, and 6th graders

My favorite thing today was the lunch.  And my other favorite thing is the egg drop.  My favorite bug is the moth  And do I wish I could do legos tomorrow.

I see a bug they are so nasty.  and we did egg drop and I like the egg drop.  Then the bag.  My favorite counselor is Emoey #1.  and Jacke #2.  Jack #3.

The best time was the egg drop and when  got first place and when I got  moth too.

My favorite part of the day is egg drop.  My favorite bug is a butterfly.  I wish tomorrow we can do the robots.

My favorite thing of the day was when we did the egg drop.

Today I liked the egg drop.  And I loved the leaf bug.  On Tuesday I want to play dodgeball.  And put fruit on a stick.

My favorite part is games.  My favorite bug is worms.  I hope that we do egg drop.  Worms are creatures that sliver and you see that you to be careful to worms because they can live long then any worms.  Worms can live up like a year or so.  Worms don't bite.

Playing dodgeball was my favorite thing doing today.  My favorite bug was a ladybug.  I want to plant plants and fruits tomorrow.

My favorite thing today was making the fruit cabob and making the robot.  My favorite bug that I saw today is cockroaches and I wish we can eat ice cream.

My favorite thing was today was the bugs who we saw the bugs and that was fun.  My favorite bug is the spider and tomorrow I hope we do the same thing.

My favorite thing was dodgeball.  I will like to make ice cream.  I collected ants.

My favorite thing to do is play with the new kids.  I like pick the bags  I wish we can  play dodgeball.

Favorite part dodgeball.  Favorite bug beetle.  Do tomorrow dodgeball twice.

Favorite part robot.  What he showed us that bug.  Play dodgeball.

The best part of the day was dodgeball.  The bug I had was awesome.  Robot.

My favorite thing was looking.

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