Tuesday, June 25, 2013

7th Grade Reflection

Day 1

What I liked to do is the garden. What I liked was dodge ball.

One thing I like today was when we played dodge ball and played kick ball. I liked learning more about gardening and play games every morning.

The reason I like the eating is because i learn what is healthy for your body and we made fruit kabobs and the reason I liked the learning plants was was be we got to take pictures of something plant like things. I also liked when played games outside.

I learned about 3D printing. I really like our counselors!

I liked dodge ball.

Gardening is very fun but my favorite part was dodge ball. It was creative.

Today the garden's summer camp I had a fun time, my favorite part was everything. I loved this day and I hope to see what the journey brings.

What was my favorite thing that I did today was kick ball. I had fun here today!

I liked when we played dodge ball. The food was good.

What I like about the garden and the counselor is that you can do a lot of stuff learn new things.

I was with brother and my sister and we had fun and the fun thing is the name game.

Two things I liked to do was eating and playing dodge ball. I am hoping to do is more planting flowers.

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