Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Second Day of Camp! 8th Graders

We had a very busy day today! We started out with a couple of name games, to help the kids remember our names, and vice versa. It was fun to start the day with a small competition of who remembered everyone's names the best!

Then the campers got to help out in the garden! We harvested turnip greens and planted sweet potatoes with a few group of volunteers from Indianapolis.

After working hard we all took a break and had some homemade popcorn that our counselor Abbie made. It was delicious and we all appreciated the break!

The engineers then came back and all the campers made personalized rocket ships! They will be printed on the 3D printer located at Major Tool & Machine! This exposure to the advanced equipment thrilled many of the campers! They are all really excited to visit the plant and receive their rockets!

Before lunch Nurse Lina helped teach the importance of hand washing, and also showed everyone how to wash their hands properly.

For lunch we had sandwiches and salads! The lettuce for both came from the garden!

Next our director, Aster, taught about sugar and showed just how much sugar are in many of the processed foods that are on the market. She used sugar cubes to visualize how much sugar a consumer is putting into their body daily.

We wrapped up camp with a brief reflection period, as well as having the kids make homemade trail mix for themselves to eat during their reflection time.

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